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5k hike and a mem'ry from my primary school days


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Slept as early as 4pm friday. As a result, woke up as early as 3am saturday morning. Decided to Jog so I jumped off my bed made a hot milk, spread cheeze on a sliced bread and ate. Washed face, put on my favorite leg support, thick socks, and my running shoes. Grabbed my ipod and got out the house. Worried that it may rain since sky is a bit cloudy. Felt a bit cold but still pushed through with my plan. 345am, was contemplating on where my route should be. Decided to let my shoes lead me. Didin't feel like running so I just walked and was going south. Played loud music on my ipod which gave me a bit of a booster. Walked faster tried to make a sweat. Glancing at sorroundings, nothing interesting so I just focused on the road and enjoyed my music. Music seemed so loud so I turned the volume down a bit so I could still hear the vehicles coming from behind me. Still walking and kept a moderate pace. Saw my old classmate's house and I remembered my Grade school days. I realized the road I was walking was the way to my Alma matter, my elementary school. Everything was suddenly interesting. I enjoyed looking at the same places that I used to see when I rode trycicle going to school. Most changed, but felt really the same. It made me remember how naive and curious I was then. My friends and I used to explore our classmates houses, play with doorbells, vandalism and all those crazy stuffs. Music on my ipod was echoing to my mood. I never realized how time flew. The feeling of nostalgia got even stronger when I finally reached to the school I was in during my Primary School years, my Alma Matter, the school I've stayed for 8 long years. The school that contributed to who and what I am right now. The school that I still dream of, even up to this very day.

A lot has changed after I last set foot on this school. There are new buildings built and its hard to see our classrooms since the gates are higher. It would only be visible if I extend my feet and my head up high, but still I managed to see those rooms I was in. The flagpole, the chappel, our Mama Mary statue, and our classrooms. How I wish I could turn back time and make my most out of it. I remember the Boscolympic days, the sport events I joined that gained me more friends, the clubs that I entered. Dramatic club, Knights of the Altar club, Sports club and lastly being the member of the Dance Troupe where I met my crush. She was on a higer level than I was. I can still remember the feeling being watched by my crush when I danced during special events like christmas party, the family days, etc. She was the 1st girl I courted, her name is Honey Faith De Lara. I look forward coming to school each single day so I could see her. And right after school, we stayed on the phone for hours talking to each other about how our day went and I could not wait to see her again the following day. It lasted for several months until 4th grading came and we are about to graduate. I felt tired of the daily routine that we always do, and as expected for young boy like me, I've had a change of heart. I courted my classmate instead, her name was Pearlee Bacus. In just few days, she bacame my very 1st girlfriend. Having a girlfriend before doesn't actually mean that we dated or we kissed, not even a holding hand that happened. It was just nice to feel that everyday you come to school, you will always have a reason to smile everytime your eyes meet and its enough. And the feeling that you know you have somebody you could call a girlfriend was enough. Our story never really last that long since graduation day was fast approaching, and it did. Graduation came, we still had that "kilig" feeling even up to the last time we were together. I was paired to her at the graduation walk. It felt like we were about to get wed when we walk together in the chapel aisle. After graduation, that was the last time I saw her. I could not call her, nor visit her since her parents did not know about us. Such mem'ry huh?

I also have those tought times on this school. Especially on Periodical Exams. I regret all those days that I've been lax, passive and naive. The times I slack off and become a mediocre student. How I missed all the opportunities to become a better individual. I was not one of those honor students with good grades but I still managed to pass with average scores. All these mem'ries just seemed so heavy to bear when I look back to it. Damn! It made my eyes teary... Even when I am typing this blog, the keys on the keyboard seemed harder to type thinking about how I missed my school, I miss my classmates, my teachers and the sisters of my school. My Mary Help of Christian School.

Arrived home past 5am and lifted light steel plates in preparation for next week's hardcore workout.

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